Obamacare Repeal Dealt a Serious Blow

Democrats in Congress have received a victory for Obamacare this week. The plan to repeal what is formerly known as the Affordable Care Act put forth by the Republicans has suffered another setback. The latest version of the bill was drafted without the input of Democrats. As such Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had a very slim margin in which to pass the bill. Its first draft already failed.

So in this iteration, McConnell decided to move money into key issue areas to satisfy the Moderates of his party. This strategy worked to pass another version of the Obamacare repeal in the House of Representatives. Senators Susan Collins and Rand Paul of Maine and Kentucky already refused to vote for the bill last week. The announcement that Senators Jerry Moran and Mike Lee of Kansas and Utah were also voting this week was not surprising.

Senate Democrats have come out and said that they are open to bi-partisan talks about health care after the latest bill failed to garner support. The party has been a staunch opponent of the recent legislation because it proposes gutting Medicaid and block granting funding for it back to the states.

Democratic Moderates like Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia represent the GOP’s best hope for reviving their health care legislation. Manchin is dedicated to trying to get both sides together to find a solution. But the only way to do so appears to be finding a solution that can garner 60 votes.

McConnell said previously that the Republicans would move onto bolstering insurance markets if the current effort failed. Democrats are open to several aspects of the insurance markets part of health care. But they won’t come to the table to talk about it unless the Republicans stop using budget reconciliation as a way to get the bill through.

The Democratic Party passed Obamacare in 2010 with a party line vote. It was unpopular then too which is why Senators are now looking to a bipartisan option. Time will tell as to whether this actually happens.

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