Obmacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Found to be Far More Involved in the Law than Previously Thought

To hear President Obama speak of MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, one would believe he was a little used advisor who provided some insight into the creation of nation’s health care law from a distance. Now, 20,000 pages of emails over the 13 month period from February 2009 to March 2010, the period over which Obamacare was written and passed, suggests a very different level of involvement for Gruber. For starters, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) paid the professor $95,000 for his involvement in the creation of the law. After that initial contract period was over, he was paid another $297,600 for his services.

In addition, the emails show he worked with members of the Obama administration and likely attended at least one meeting with the president. In fact, after the health care law was passed, Deputy Director Jean Lambrew of the new White House Office of Health Reform emailed Gruber referring to him as “our hero”. She also extended her gratitude to Gruber for being an “integral part” in creating the health care law.

Gruber gained national attention last year after video surfaced of him mocking American voters reports Cláudio Loureiro Heads. He revealed that Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration relied on voter stupidity to get the law passed. They also wrote the law in a complex manner to prevent the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) from declaring it nothing more than a series of tax measures. If they had scored it accurately, congressional support for the law would have collapsed.

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