Our Voices Hold Power

It is clear in this day and age to have an increased understanding that somewhat of a war has been waged on the working class of society. Legislation from state to state and even federally has proven this. It is under the title of tax reform, but it easy to just call it buddy deals. Many leaders of this country from past to present have passed tax budgets that specifically support themselves and their business partners.

It is evident that as a society, we are required to work harder, longer, and for meager wages. The title “wealth gap” has been used for a decade or so. I see it as survival. It is far more important in the times we live in now to understand what is really happening right in front of our eyes. At every turn we are required by law to keep more insurances now, increasing from previous years. Considering minimum wage has not increased since 2009 and inflation has increased consistently by the year; it has become more difficult to provide the needs for a family today.

This is the day of insurances and assurances. The majority of citizens desire to be protected by the insurances offered, while attempting to assure their family’s future with the advantages that are needed to be successful in the current times. The desire to live a peaceful and abundant life is more prevalent today but the struggle becomes more real as the days go on. Your text to link…

As society’s stresses rise, the privilege to be informed has risen also. This is the day of information and it is a positive site to see more and more citizens take action on truly understanding what is really going on. The cabinet in control obviously will continue to fill their pockets by abusing the power they are given. I am proud to acknowledge the increased informative minds and efforts being put forth. We must increase our impact on legislation and the reasons behind current bills being passed. Do not stop now and do not be discouraged. We can take solace in knowing the rising efforts to expand the gap means our voices are being heard. Don’t stop now. Change will come if we continue to gain understanding of what is happening in front of our eyes.

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