Overview of Cone Marshall and Tax Transparency in New Zealand

In an article published back in 2012 on most social networks titled “New Zealand – A Mode of Tax Transparency“, Lawyer Geoffrey Cone sought to clarify claims that New Zealand was a tax haven. He proved the incorrectness of these claims by demonstrating that NZ was among the first member states to implement the OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information. New Zealand appears on the white list of OECD for implementing the model agreement, and levies duty while tax havens apply minimal or no levy at all.



Why is there an Increase of Foreign Trusts in NZ?


Recently, the foreign trusts in New Zealand have greatly increased n number. Mr. Cone explained this increase to the international recognition that the country enjoys about its stability, safety, a well regarded judiciary and a jurisdiction that is boosted by good laws and a substantial legal and professional infrastructure. New Zealand is reputed as a safe haven, which is a great thing as it attracts more investors to invest in the country.



On Cone Marshall Law firm and Karen Marshall


Cone Marshall refers to a leading law firm present in New Zealand, which specializes in International tax and trusts. The firm was established in 1999 and is based at Parnell House in Auckland, NZ. Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are the principals in the law firm. Karen Marshall joined the firm in 2005, and previously she was based in London where she worked for 10 years practicing in Commercial Litigation in a law firm there. A year after joining Cone Marshall, Karen Marshall made it to a principal. She acts as the mentor to a number of statutory trustee companies. She is well experienced in the field of trusts management. Geoffrey Cone has been giving international tax and trust planning, trustee and trust management services from 1980.



About Cone Marshall


Cone Marshall refers to a law firm that works with international families and a number of their consultants in the establishment of partnerships, trusts, companies and wealth planning and international tax advice. The firm serves family attorneys, advisers, private banks, trustees and other institutions based outside New Zealand. Cone Marshall provides services in tax, trust, succession, structuring and administrative advice. This firm has always adhered and continues to do so, to the highest principles of tax and trusts. The firm also guarantees that its clients will be given advice that can be highly trusted on all aspects touching on international tax and trust law.


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