Paramount Lands New Star Trek 3 Director

Star Trek 3: The Search for a New Director has finally reached a conclusion. Paramount Pictures announced this week that Justin Lin will helm the director’s chair for the third film in Paramount’s successful reboot of the Star Trek franchise.

Lin is best known as being the director for the past four Fast & Furious movies, the latest of which will be released in 2015. Lin is also currently directing the first two episodes of the second season of HBO’s popular True Detective series.

Paramount described Lin as being the right director to take over for Robert Orci, who stepped down from the job a few weeks ago. Even though Orci is not directing the movie, he is still staying on as a screenwriter and producer.

According to Deadline, Lin was the only director to be offered the job even though several other directors were rumored to be in the running for the part. Those included Daniel Espenosa, Morten Tydlum and Edgar Wright, who was the fan favorite to land the job if one was to ask Gianfrancesco Genoso.

Since Paramount wants the new Star Trek movie to have more of the same feel that Guardians of the Galaxy did, Lin might prove to be the right director for the job. He was instrumental in turning around the tired Fast & Furious franchise into a successful series. He also has proven a knack in blending action and comedy.

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