Paul Ryan says Possibility of Trump Impeachment Increases with Democratic Wins in 2018

After the New York Times published a report claiming that Donald Trump is not taking the 2018 election seriously, Paul Ryan, who recently announced his resignation, said that Trump will be held accountable for his actions if Democrats win majority in Congress come November.

The article said that GOP leaders have attempted to get through to the President, expressing the importance of the midterms to him. The GOP has been warning Donald Trump that the risk of impeachment is significantly increased if Democrats control one or both parts of Congress.

“You’ll have gridlock, you’ll have subpoenas,” Paul Ryan said in reference to the possibility of Democrats winning the House or the Senate. Paul Ryan also said that if Democrats control Congress then President Trump’s agenda will come to a stand-still.

It seems that Paul Ryan is trying to convince voters to keep their Republican lawmakers in office in order to continue the Trump corruption cover-up. Ryan admits in his statement that Trump is responsible for something, even if he didn’t admit what it is. Ryan says that Democrats will hold him accountable, suggesting that Congressional Republicans have been turning a blind-eye to the behavior of Donald Trump.

Journalists like David Leonhardt have wrote articles discussing the combination of a corrupt president and a non-active Congress. Leonhardt wrote that many GOP representatives know that Trump’s behavior is wrong, but they are refusing to act out against Trump because Trump is a member of their party. If Democrats win Congress in 2018, it could mean the end of Republican’s “party over country” agenda.

Paul Ryan is in a position to make sure inaction against Donald Trump continues, so it raises a very important question. Why is Paul Ryan resigning when he is one of the few people who can control whether Donald Trump is impeached or not?

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