Perry looks to experience as setting him apart from Cruz


Former Texas governor Rick Perry will once again throw his hat into the ring in a bid to be President of the United States in the coming months and does so with a serious rival in the shape of Ted Cruz, The Washington Post reports. Perry and Cruz look set to lock horns in the important state of Texas as they battle to gain support for their bid to be GOP candidate and raise funds from the same potential donors. A problem further intensified by the arrival of Jeb Bush in the Texas donors market.

Perry sees his period as Governor of Texas as an important selling point for his bid to become the GOP candidate for President in 2016 said The former Governor explained the failures he sees in the Presidency of Barrack Obama come down to his inability to react quickly to the problems he is faced with on a daily basis as President. Dan Newlin noted this same inability Perry claims could strike another Senator looking to be President, Ted Cruz. Perry believes his role as a governor provides a much more serious grounding for a future President as each day in office as Governor throws up different challenges in much the same way as the daily life of the President changes from moment to moment.

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