Perry Mandera Has Become One Of The Leading Figures Of The Transportation Sector

Perry Mandera grew up in Chicago in the 1960’s and 70’s. He graduated high school in 1975 and quickly joined the Marine Corps to serve his country and learn the discipline that would serve him so dearly later on in life in his business career. After his years of service, Mandera began working in the transportation sector and quickly felt a strong connection to the work he was doing (Bloomberg). This led him to start his own transportation and logistics company at the young age of 23. Five years later in 1985 he sold his first company and moved on to bigger and better things. Mandera’s current business is his largest transportation company yet. Perry founded The Custom Companies Corporation in 1986 and has been in business ever since. The businesses services include but are not limited to domestic as well as international air freight forwarding, truckload services and many other logistics services. At the turn of the century, after just 14 years as the head of The Custom Companies Co., Perry Mandera received the honor of being named one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”. He received this award from the Illinois Transportation Association for his great expansion in the region since the company’s founding. Mandera is also heavily focused on giving back to the community that has allowed him to live out his dream of owning and operating a transportation company. Perry works closely with many charitable foundations which give assistance to a variety of groups including youth organizations, veteran assistance groups, and other organizations whose goals include finding cures for cancer. His veteran initiatives trace back to his service in the Marine Corps. This has led Perry to work closely with groups such as Hiring Our Hero’s which seeks to aid in the job placement of retired military personnel as well as Marines For Life which gives Marines the support they need upon returning to civilian life from service. The entrepreneurial spirit of business owners like Perry Mandera are what is required if you want to see your company to succeed. Aspiring businessmen and businesswomen can learn a great deal from his journey from simply a Chicago native to one of the most influential individuals in the world for the transportation sector (


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