Personal Injury Lawyer Dan Newlin Represents Clients on a Contingent Fee Basis

Dan Newlin, a personal injury lawyer with offices in Chicago and in Orlando, Florida, is known for helping clients receive excellent settlements or court awards after they’ve been hurt due to the negligence or carelessness of others. In fact, the respected law firm review website ranks Newlin as “superb,” its highest rating category.

One characteristic of Newlin’s practice that clients particularly appreciate is his accepting cases on a contingent basis. That means clients don’t pay upfront fees. Instead, they pay a percentage of their settlement or court award that is agreed upon ahead of time. Without this type of arrangement, many injured individuals could not afford to hire a lawyer.

Consider a hypothetical example in which an automotive insurance company has offered a settlement of $50,000 to a seriously injured person. This may seem unreasonably low. The individual can obtain a free consultation at the Law Offices of Dan Newlin to explain the circumstances and learn what settlement amount he or she actually should expect to receive.

It’s standard for personal injury attorneys to receive one-third of the final settlement or court award. Because the lawyers have thorough knowledge of various injury cases and have staff to research similar cases, they know how much to ask for in a demand letter to the insurer. In this hypothetical case, Newlin or one of his partners might realize that the prospective client should receive triple that $50,000 settlement offer. After the 33-percent contingent fee is paid, the injured person would receive around $100,000 instead of $50,000.

Newlin has a reputation for acquiring substantial monetary amounts for his clients, sometimes more than a million dollars. Not every case is worth this kind of money, of course. It depends on factors such as how serious the injury is, the level of ongoing disability and length of recovery time, and the mental and emotional trauma involved. Anyone who is interested in learning more may call the Law Offices of Dan Newlin for an initial consultation at no charge.

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