Pets Deprived of Games Become Anxious

Taking care of a pet can quite often be difficult, especially for those with little free time on their hands.

The cats and dogs tend to borrow something from the pet owner, and besides that, a new study emphasises the importance of playing with your pet. Otherwise, they become anxious or even aggressive.

The research was conducted on 4000 dog owners, who said that lack of interaction with their pets led to them becoming restless. The whining and jumping up, as well as the deliberate ignoring when being called can be avoided by playing.

As for the dogs, 43% of the participants in the study said that fetching objects worked best at entertaining their pets. The people who conducted the study commented that one should try to observe what the favorite game of their dog is, without imposing one that they consider ‘right’ and without being afraid that the animal will become dominant in the house.

Emily Blackwell of Bristol University, leader of this study, said that when it comes to dogs, “frequency of play is a really good indicator of their quality of life”. That is what many on Skout will say as well. So, if you have a pet, a simple toy such as a tennis ball can improve its life.

One thought on “Pets Deprived of Games Become Anxious

  • April 27, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Pet owners who complain about their animal acting strange should first examine their own behaviour. Pets require activities, and without active time investment from owners can experience many detrimental health effects. This will certainly ensure that get what they asked for in due time and it’s possible that all of them worked so well too.

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