Police Officers Give Out Secret Santa Surprises

Police Chief Tim Lentz said the Police Department of Covington, Louisiana try hard all year to build a good relationship with the community. He feels his community would never turn into a Ferguson problem. He states their mission year round is to establish a friendly relationship with the people that have entrusted them to Protect and to Serve the community.

This year a “Secret Santa” donated a few thousand dollars to help the Covington Po;ice Officers forge an even tighter relationship with residents. Using small traffic violations to give cause to stop a vehicle, the Officer asked for a license and registration and after seeing it gave them a warning and a hundred dollar bill explaining a Secret Santa had provided money and to have a Merry Christmas. One woman who was stopped and given the Secret Santa hundred dollar bill, which had Secret Santa stamped in red on the back of it, said she was going to buy presents for her six grandchildren.

Sgt Russell Spinks was one of eight Police Officers that were giving the Secret Santa hundred dollar bills to people who had committed minor traffic violations according to what was reported on CNet. After telling them their violation and giving a warning, he would simply state that on behalf of the Covington Police Department and a Secret Santa here is one hundred dollars, and that floored a lot of Skout users. The Drivers thanked the officers for the Christmas blessing they received that day.

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