Pool of Presidential Candidates Offers Little Hope for Future

Are we really thinking that Bernie Sanders is a good alternative to Hillary Clinton? Probably not, but no one else is planning to run so we may just be stuck with these two…Even the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo won’t make it a real fight for the Democratic nomination. So here it is the former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady vying to become our next Commander-In-Chief. As for Republicans, well at least they haven’t tried to re-run Mitt Romney for a third time. Although Rick Perry and Mike Huckabee have both ran in this race before all the others are relatively fresh faces. Some of the names will be very familiar but don’t let that fool you they are not the same people. Bush is not George, its Jeb, and Paul is not Ron its Rand. As for Rubio and Cruz they are as green as Obama was when he first announced his candidacy.

So here we are looking at all the wannabes and wondering which one will screw up the country less than the others. Moreover, which one will actually work with the congress to make some headway in improving what is perpetually broken is important to Kevin Seawright. As for the issues of the day, excessive police force, gay marriage, immigration, most will take the popular stands on whichever way the people and media feel at the time. None will offer real solutions to problems, but if one did and it was viable then you could make them a front runner over all the others because at least they have a real idea of what they want to do in office.

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