Populism is the Key to Success, say Doug Jones Supporters

In a stunning upset, Democrat Doug Jones emerged the victor of Alabama’s special Senate election, defeating controversial Republican Roy Moore who had become mired in controversy after allegations of sexual misconduct. Doug Jones’ victory marks the first time a Democrat has won a Senate seat in Alabama in several decades.
Although the victory has been a welcome celebration for weary Democrats, progressives are already looking to the future to ensure that Democrats win and keep a majority through the high stakes 2020 midterm elections while maintaining the progressive platforms that they originally ran on.
“The best way for Doug Jones to hold the seat is to legislate as a bold populist to fight for kitchen-table issues, fight for more money in people’s pockets,” said Kaitlin Sweeney, a spokeswoman for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.
Indeed, populist sentiment on both the right and the left has swept through the nation, launching Donald Trump to the presidency and Bernie Sanders to the spotlight. Both men, non-traditional figures, were seen as a breath of fresh air to their respective supporters, signaling a shift in not only political, but cultural change across the United States.
This rejection of traditional politics is leaving GOP and Democratic lifers scrambling to strategize how to best take advantage of the new landscape and woo the electorate to their respective sides. Charles Chamberlain, the executive director of Democracy for America, stresses that Jones “needs to fight for inclusive populist policies.” These policies include a “Medicare for all” health care plan, criminal justice reform, and legislation to combat climate change.
Jones is expected to begin Senatorial duties in January of the new year.

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