Predicted Democratic “Wave” Becomes a Reality

The Democratic “wave” that many political pundits are predicting later this year has already arrived at the shores of America. This “blue” surge is illustrated by the large number of wins by Democratic candidates in special elections, the most recent of which took place in the Republican-dominated state of Kentucky.
In the rural district in Kentucky that was the scene of the recent race, Democratic candidate Linda Belcher won back the state seat that she had lost to Republican Dan Johnson in 2016. The same year, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the district by a 49 percent margin. Johnson later committed suicide after an allegation of sexual misconduct on his part. In the recent special election, his widow Rebecca was running to replace her late husband, but she lost to Belcher by 36 percentage points.
In 17 previous special elections conducted after the Trump victory, Democratic candidates were able to fill state and federal political seats previously occupied by Republicans. According to Jessica Post, the executive director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, these wins are proof of the “sea change” predicted by those on both sides of the political spectrum. More about the Democratic victories in Kentucky and elsewhere in the nation is available at
Political pollsters attribute the victories to greater enthusiasm on the part of Democrats and a significant reduction in the number of Republicans turning out to vote. This drop-off in Republican participation was reflected in an Oklahoma state election, which was won by a Democrat. The losing candidate captured only about 20 percent of the votes won by Republicans in previous elections in the same district.
Despite the high hopes of Democrats, many political observers are still uncertain whether these recent wins will translate into huge victories by the party in the November national elections.

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