President David McDonald Continues To Expand OSI Globally

David McDonald, President and COO, of OSI is the major reason this food company and one of the biggest processed meat distributors has grown so rapidly. It has companies in the US and all over the world. It is one of the biggest suppliers to large food chains. OSI is one of the largest suppliers to McDonald’s all over the world.

When David McDonald OSI Group took over he worked hard to improve and upgrade technology in the company. This was so they could provide the best and fastest service to partner restaurants. He oversees all of the companies operations and has expanded the company into international territory. His approach is to think global but act locally and use local produce and meats.

He believes that by understanding the culture of the country and building the business according it will make them successful in different countries. When they acquired Baho Foods in Germany and the Netherlands he said that it gave OSI a broader appeal in Europe and the products complemented their current brands.

Constant growth is a cornerstone of the company since he joined over 30 years ago. He expects members of his team to provide excellent customer service. It takes sharing with customers and vice versa. He believes its best for the companies to make day to day management decisions on how to run the business. They know their customers and markets well.

Many companies have chef and product development departments that develop and work on creative new food products. The company measures success and learns from failures. Food safety and inspection is important to the company to keep standards high. Mr McDonald serves as Chairman of North American Meat Institute.

He has worked on improving sustainability in OSI by traveling around the world and sees local facilities to get a unique perspective on the problems they face. He graduated from the University of Iowa and was raised on a farm. When he graduate in 1987 he receive the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award and a degree in animal science.

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