Privatization of Brazilian Industries for Maximum Economic Growth

Felipe Montoro Jens is the Chairman of at Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. He also the chief executive officer at Energipar Captacao S.A. Felipe also sits at Santo Antonio Energia’s board as the chairman. Besides, Felipe is also a philanthropist who has improved the livelihoods of many within the Brazilian Communities.

This prestigious leader is a degree holder in Business Management and International management from Fundao Getulio Vargas and the International Management School called American Garvin School. Having gathered rich knowledge in business operations and management, Felipe Montoro Jens has been a great team player in Brazilian Businesses. He has contributed chiefly to the financial advisory sectors where he has equipped various Brazilian entrepreneurs with ways of running successful businesses.

Majorly, the government of Brazil has benefited greatly from the involvement of Felipe Montoro and the country’s private investments. Brazilian government privatized its infrastructure hence developing the industries that rely on infrastructure directly. Investors have whence run their businesses smoothly without any delays in transportation and distribution of good.

Privatization of infrastructure has transformed operations in aeronautical and petrochemical industries among others. This was influenced by the formulation of the privacy laws that grouped companies into different classes of business activities depending on the services that they offer. Majority of privatized companies include industries supplying electricity, those that provide banking services and much more.

These privatizations have separated companies to enable them to maximize in their productions. The Brazilian economy has now grown to appreciate and monitor the amount of revenue that each sector brings to the economy compared to when they all operated under the same policies. Thereupon, Felipe Montoro Jens involvement has been of great significance to a majority of Brazilian Businesses. As a result, he has also grown to be successful due to his notable contributions towards economic growth.

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