Professor Sujit Chuodhry Gives Insights on the Crippling Democracy

Democracy is the best gift when used well. As such, many countries will always be integrated and enjoy a peaceful coexistence where human rights are prioritized by all political moves. Unfortunately, studies reveal that the occupants of big political seats are the very people who are responsible for crippling democracy in almost all countries globally. Majorly renowned politicians trespass the boundary of democracy and negatively use the democratic process to achieve their selfish desires. Professor Sujit Choudhry is one of the zealous researchers who burn the flame to restore the state of democracy which is disintegrating through his studies

The Background Data

Professor Choudhry is a globally recognized scholar whose research majorly focuses on comparing politics and laws bound within constitutions. Lately, Sujit Choudhry’s studies focused on the “REDLINE” tweet by Erick Holder, who was a retired Attorney General, where he protested against the termination of Muller’s role as Special Counsel to the White House. Holder even called for mass action in case the Whitehouse Special counsel is crippled. He said that was an illustration of a red line for disintegrating democracy. In his analysis, Choudhry presents two concepts in which the former Attorney General bases his call for action. First, the crossing of the “redline” while the second is letting the Americans to judge if office occupants have gone beyond the boundary. Choudhry suggests that Holder purport that the American reaction is the first determinant on how the issue will be tackled.

The Overview

Sujit Choudhry brings out that the tweet was grounded on a concept of ability of constitutions to do self-enforcement as a focal point. Those occupying state offices and citizens are all obliged to focus on the rule of law in all their behaviors. Sujit gives another ideal focal point of the two term limit for US President. He says that one autocrat may try to break the boundary and stay longer which may lead to protests in the street. Using the focal point of presidential term, it is undisputable truth that the state of democracy is toppling in nearly all countries in the whole world.

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