Putting Care in Premium Pet Foods Leads to Major Sales

Gourmet chefs are not only at work in the finest of restaurants. Many of them are hard at work cooking meals in factories, and they are not whipping up dinner for people. They are producing top meals for the four-legged friends of humans. Yes, premium dog food is made by very capable hands under very strict quality control conditions. Reading the solid and detailed Daily Herald article about the rise in popularity of premium pet food may shock some.

Yes, a lot of intense effort goes into producing these meals. Pets are happier for it.

Purina has gotten into the market of premium brand pet food with its Beneful line. The selections sold under the Beneful banner are a lot different from the other Purina products. No, they are not just different in name only. Although, admittedly, Beneful does have some fun names for its products.

The true differences, however, are in the ingredients. Beneful sells meals loaded with outstanding proteins and a host of vegetables. The meals are designed to serve up better taste in nutritious packaging.

The Daily Herald article points out ingredients for premium dog foods are chosen carefully. Blueberries are noted to be harvested from the very best sources. The meats, poultry, and fish cooked up in the meals are also selected with great care. Taking such careful steps to pick the best ingredients definitely improves the quality of the meals immensely.

The way premium dog foods are cooked is done with similar care. The recipes are very well planned, and quality control exists at all levels of the process. A lot of work is done to ensure the dogs (or cats) end up really loving the taste.

Pet owners appear to really love premium brands as well. So much do they love these brands, retail stores are loading up their shelves with the brands.

Sales figures do indicate premium pet foods are popular and growing more popular. Well over $10 billion per year is spent on premium pet foods. That is a huge portion of the overall sales of pet food, which is nearly $24 billion.


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