Qnet’s Affiliation with Sharp Corporation to Distribute a Jointly Owned Air Purifier.

Qnet, India has formed a partnership with the Sharp Corporation, which is a multinational company based in Japan, to help in the marketing of the co-owned Sharp-Qnet Plasma Cluster Air Purifier. The promotion will be done through Qnet’s registered e-commerce program. Sharp is a renowned electronics manufacturer and is based in Abeno-Ku, Osaka. The Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited’s Consumer Business President, Kishalay Ray, believes that Qnet has been very creative in their lifestyle and health products in the past years, and therefore, they would be right suppliers of the Sharp Air Purifier.

By forming the partnership, the new product will easily be able to reach large markets through Qnet’s high-level consumer network that comprises of customers who truly believe in Qnet products. The Spokesperson of the Qnet India branch reviled that the partnership would be a win for both parties. The Sharp-Qnet Air purifier will be part of the quality products offered by Qnet that match its healthy living policies.

Qnet Limited is an international company that was founded in 1998 and is based in Hong Kong with branches in India, Turkey, Iran and Egypt. Its products are mostly sold in countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, United Arabs Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. The company uses direct selling and multi-level network marketing strategies in selling its products and has been successful for the 16 years that it has been in operation. Qnet’s was initially known as GoldQuest, QuestNet and QI Limited. The firm sells a broad range of products, which include weight management, energy giving, nutritional, home care, personal care, fashion decorations and luxury goods. The company was created by Vijay Eswaran and a small group of entrepreneurs, who had a goal of using network marketing to make people’s life better.

Qnet gives people a platform to better their lives by working as the company’s Independent Distributors. The distributors start a business with very little capital and create a binary fashion network and are compensated depending on the volume of products they sell together with their networks. All the goods from Qnet have an aim of improving people’s health and lifestyle, and there, they contain less sugar, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that are harmful to the body. The company is also a strict follower of the healthy vegetarian lifestyle. All consumable and edible products that are manufactured by Qnet are made of vegetarian ingredients.

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