Quality Comes First With The Brown Modeling Agency

There is a handful of names in the world of fashion that instantly garner recognition. Wilhemina is one, the name of the modeling agency famous for its illustrious client roster of famous models. When an agency grows beyond that name, people take notice. That’s precisely what happened when Wilhemina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South, the prestigious talent agency. From that merger The Brown Agency was born.


In the beginning of its short history, Wilhemina Austin became hugely respected in Texas. It was one of the few full service modeling agencies in the region, and under the leadership of Justin Brown, it flourished. When the opportunity arose to buy Heyman Talent-South, they ran with it.

Heyman Talent-South was an agency specializing in the theatrical arts, television, and film. Justin Brown knew combining forces would give them more leverage in the industry. Their combined portfolios was huge, and with more talent under a single umbrella, there was no way they could lose. With this merger and the launch of the new company, The Brown Agency, clients have an easier time of securing the talent they need in one place instead of searching through the portfolios of multiple agencies.


Headquartered in Austin, they also have an office in Dallas, and they maintain a presence in Los Angeles. Justin Brown assumed the title of CEO and president of The Brown Agency, while the founder of Heyman-Talent South, Michael B. Bonnée, works with the theatrical division.

“We are thrilled to be joining The Brown Agency family,” said Michael B. Bonnée. He’s very involved with expanding the theatrical division. With more resources at his disposal, the merger was perfect for growing the business. “Our combined talent and expertise make this a very exciting opportunity.”



After the merger, Justin Brown has grown the agency due to his focus on quality over quantity. He prides himself on focusing 100% on each model or actor’s career, not content to let the wheat separate from the chaff.


“We are determined to continue to be the market leader, to stay cutting edge and give our agencies models and talent the technological edge.” Justin says on his website. “Working in the fashion industry, it is important to stay within current trends in bigger markets, such as Paris and New York with fashion, photography, makeup and style.” His plan is working, and the small agency in Texas is becoming a big player, thanks to its relentless devotion to growing talent and staying on top of trends. For more details you can visit brownagency.co




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