Rallying in Brazil-Michel terpins contribution to it.

Michel terpins is an icon when comes to Brazilian rally. he has grown from cross country to a rally champion in his own right.He has an impressive record in both rallying and cross country where he exited as the champion when he joined his brother Rodrigo in rallying. In his peak as a cross-country champion, he was recognized for his unique riding skills that most of his competitors has seen him nature from the time he joined the sport. Today he is one of the most recognized championed that took part in the sport.His skills were both on the race and outside because as soon as he left the cross country he was elected as the chairman of the committee that oversees the cross country championship in Brazil.His ability to nurture other talent and bring it onboard to enable grow the sport is one of the reasons he was highly regarded by the team at the cross country championship.

He is now part of the team that participates and plans the Sertões Rally. The rally is one of the biggest rallying events and is in fact considered by most as the premier rally event in the country. he was the founder of the Bull Sertões Rally Team together with his brother Rodrigo. The team is now what steers the T-Rex a special vehicle developed by MEM motorsport for the T1 prototype category. this team will be taking part in the twenty-fifth edition of the Sertoes rally with pilot Michel Terpins while his able partner and friend Maykel Justo will be the navigator.For this edition, they will be # 322 but will still be representing the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Their participation is expected to bring a lot of flair into the race that comprises of more than three thousand kilometers of all terrain.

The team has the advantage of having an improved variant of the T-rex this is after it underwent various enhancements in order to enhance power and performance. Its navigation and suspension have also been greatly improved to go with the improved handling capability.The team has also been able to bring on board new sponsors meaning that the event will be well covered for them.

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