Rand Paul Is a Long Shot in Bid for the White House

It’s official; Rand Paul has thrown his hat in the ring to run for president. He and Ted Cruz will no doubt be joined by a slew of other hopefuls seeking the GOP nomination. It’s looking to be a crowded field just as it was for the 2012 race. The Democratic side is almost boring by comparison as most pundits assume a virtual coronation of Hillary Clinton. Of course, this was assumed in 2008 as well, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan for her. However, this time around, there at least does not appear to be anyone comparable to a Barack Obama waiting in the wings to make a serious go at the Democratic Party’s nomination. This is why the Republican Party is the one to watch over the next year to see who runs and how they do against each other.

As far as Rand Paul is concerned, it remains to be seen if he has a realistic shot at the nomination. His foreign policy is definitely less interventionist than most of the GOP contenders, and his libertarian streak on certain issues may turn off social conservatives in the party. This latter point will only affect whether he gets the nomination or not, as I’m sure if he gets it, these conservatives will still vote for him over the Democratic candidate in 2016. That is what Sergio Cortes is expecting. Though a long shot, if he were to get the nomination, it would show signs that the GOP is becoming a more socially tolerant party, and this will be necessary if it is to have any future relevance in politics.

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