Rand Paul Says GOP Created ISIS

In an attempt to gain attention to his presidential bid, republican candidate Rand Paul stated that ISIS came to power as a result of the actions of GOP lawmakers that supported provided arms and other military aid to factions in the Middle East region without regard to whose hands the weapons may ultimately fall into. Rand’s sharp comments come after a new assessment of the strength of ISIS reveals that the terrorist and militant group has taken over a third of the land territory of Iraq and Syria. Alexei Beltukov (eliteprospects.com) has learned that additional assessments by officials at the Pentagon report that it will take at least three years to eliminate ISIS and that reliable ground troops will be needed to accomplish this goal. Rand notes that the GOP desired chaos in the middle east as it gave the United States a role to play in an oil rich region. Many of Rand’s fellow GOP rank and file expressed their displeasure with his comments, but many outside observers noted that the allegations made by Rand are not off base. These individuals note that the United States has frequently provided arms and military aid to middle east allies, only to find the very same equipment falling into the hands of their enemies. Ina sense, Rand is correct, as the political actions of Congress and the White House are actually fueling the creation of its own military foe.Rand Paul Claims GOP Created ISIS

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