Randal Nardone: The Financialist Behind Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone: The Man Behind Fortress Investment Group
Randal Nardone: The Man Behind Fortress Investment Group

When Randal Nardone decided to start a company for himself, he knew that he would have to face fierce competition. He was already well versed with the field of finance and had been working with clients in the past, which is why he knew that he could implement a number of positive improvements that could potentially help the company grow. Using his experience and expertise in the field, he decided to start up Fortress Investment Group along with Wes Edens, another notable name in the financial field. Currently, Nardone stands as the CEO of the company and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the company. The company has come to be known for offering a high quality of services to the clients who come to them, which has all been possible because of the contribution that Nardone has had at Fortress Investment Group.

Nardone is someone who has repeatedly demonstrated a high amount of skill and expertise in the field of finance. Through the years, he has gained an incredible amount of experience and has grown as a professional and as a financialist. Having worked at a number of positions, he has been able to implement things that would help every facet of the company, and not just one part of it. Through the course of his career, Nardone has offered his advice and aid to people and companies coming to him from all over the country. In this manner, he has been able to help improve the financial situations of companies and his clients, thereby helping them an incredible amount.

Even though Nardone may seem like an incredibly learned person in the field of finance, it was not always the field that he hoped to enter. Nardone had intended to enter into the field of law and earned a graduate and masters degree in the same. After working for a few companies, he started to learn more and more about how the financial field can get interlinked with the legal sector. Soon, he saw himself getting interested in the field, leading him to decide to switch fields and start working in the financial industry.

Wes Edens has without a doubt led an impressive career. He has always believed in putting forth his very best with every endeavor that he takes on. This was demonstrated brilliantly when he decided to switch sectors, when he got to important positions within the financial industry and when he decided to start investment firm.

Today, Fortress Investment Group stands as one of the most notable investment names on the NYSE. More and more companies are choosing to opt for the services that this company provides because of the portfolio that Nardone has put together for the company and the numerous endeavors that he has taken on. There is no doubt that his contribution has been essential to the growth of the company and is something that is going to benefit the overall workings of the company in the future as well.

About Randal Nardone: www.marketswiki.com/wiki/Randal_A._Nardone 

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