Real Estate Investment Adviser Nick Vertucci

After a job loss left Nick Vertucci without a means of support for his family, as well as himself, in the early 2000s, he became interested in the real estate industry when he was convinced by a friend to attend a 3-day seminar that was focused on teaching people about how to invest in properties to achieve financial growth. After attending that seminar, he spent the next 10 years learning all that he could about the opportunities in real estate, and the knowledge and experience he gained led him to start the Nick Vertucci Company, through which he gives potential investors instruction on how to buy and renovate property that they can then sell for a nice profit.

Through his business, he holds 3 to 4 day workshops all over the country called Fortunes in Flipping, and he also offers individualized mentoring services and online tutorials to his clients. In 2013, he founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, which is now one of the most pursued educational programs by those who are looking to learn about and get into property investment. Some of the things that students are taught at the academy are: How to flip houses; How to inflation-proof cash flow through investing; and How to invest in real estate with no cash down.

Nick Vertucci has been in the business of developing single family homes for a great number of years, so his extensive knowledge on the subject is much sought-after. To impart even more of what he knows about real estate investing, he also hosts a radio show called Real Estate Investing Hour, which airs on the KFWB News Talk 180 station. He has come a long way since his days of being homeless and living out of his van after losing his job as a computer parts salesman. He managed to become a successful entrepreneur by staying serious and consistent about his financial goals, and because of his vision and strategies, he is now enjoying far more security when it comes to his career choice. The married father of 3 daughters currently lives in Orange, California with his family.

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