Recent Developments With Fabletics

In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, shed some light on her new line of swimsuits known as the super-chic debut. Kate Hudson stated that what inspired her towards introducing dresses into her line was as a result of what she calls natural progression. Through the new line of clothes, one can have a feel of being out of town. She also stated that she would put on an athleisure for a date night and is quite multi-purpose. Marie Claire magazine also wanted to know if it was possible for one to work out while wearing the dress, in response to this, Kate Hudson stated that it’s a comfort cloth, and one can enjoy some mobility while in them. Some of the dresses have built in bras while those that do not have are quite comfortable and require less effort.

Despite there being other competitors at, Kate Hudson stated that the dresses are quite affordable, and no Spanx is needed. One can be active with them and even work out and thus they are quite comfortable. The athleisure offers one protection without what Kate Hudson describes as ‘compromising a little bit of sexiness and femininity.’Kate Hudson also stated that it’s entirely possible to raise athleisure to be high fashion. The only challenge being finance as they are dealing with long standing high fashion clothing lines.

Fabletics is out to reach more people and motivate them to purchase the clothing line. She also added that the brand is in a position to spread out since they are very direct with their customers and offer the wear at half the regular price. The clothes are of the same quality with their competitors but at a different convenient price.

Kate Hudson also added that the main reason behind making the dresses with the same material as the leggings is to give one the feel of a proper fitting. They are doing the same thing that other high fashion companies such as Alaia and Herve Leger are doing. The athleisure clothing line can be won for a date night, a night out with friends and also the office.

Fabletics is an online athletic clothing line for women. The platform offers women different types of athletic wear depending on their preferences and body sizes. One can be a subscriber of Fabletics by answering a lifestyle quiz that provides the company with an idea of what is suitable for their client. Membership of Fabletics is either regular or VIP depending on the package that one wants. The athletic wear offered by Fabletics is high class and of high quality. They are quite affordable, and one can easily get them at half the price of what one would get at other shops. More details about Fabletics is accessible through

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