Regardless Of Slugfest, Newlin Wins Lawsuit For Florida Victim

It was very hard being hit on the head and sustaining serious wounds on Interstate 4. Obtaining $950,000 compensation over a year later was much harder, following the lawful hand-to-hand battle plus scheming of an area insurance firm.

The reimbursement, obtained by prominent personal injury lawyer Dan Newlin, of The Law Offices of Dan Newlin & Partners, was acquired for a client that sustained serious injuries after an automobile hit the client’s vehicle while driving on Interstate 4 in Seminole County.

The accident happened after Edward Krutsinger and his spouse, Tisha, were going back home in the eve of November 10, 2013. Mr. Krutsinger, driving on westbound exit slope from Interstate 4, had made a stop due to red-light sign and was getting ready to turn left onto eastbound Lake Mary Boulevard. When he drove into the intersection, that’s the time the driver on F 250 pick-up driving on Lake Mary Boulevard, coming into Interstate 4 westbound exit slope, ran a red-stop light causing a head-on collision with the 2008 Chevy Avalanche where Mr. Krutsinger and his wife were.

The police statement clarified that the driver of the pick-up was careless and this caused the collision. This driver was issued with two citations- one for failing to halt at red-light sign and the other for driving with no safety belt on. Three autonomous witnesses moreover thought the person with the pick-up was liable. The accident made Mr. Krutsinger to have a brain damage, facial scaring, various fractures, featuring pelvic as well as collarbone, plus disc herniation on the back as well as neck. He went through two facial surgical operations that involved the fixing of hardware (screws plus plate) on his skull, and until now he experiences difficulty ambulating. Physicians think it is possible that Mr. Krutsinger will be able to walk using a stick for his remaining life. Both cars were completely destroyed due to the crash.

In March 2014, a personal damage complaint was recorded (1) against the car owner’s automobile insurance company, Mainstreet America Group. In spite of policy coverage worth $1 million, the Jacksonville-based insurance firm contested responsibility and questioned the seriousness of Mr. Krutsinger’s damages.

“There was never a single offer made by the insurance carrier throughout the 15-month period,” states Jason Herman, lawyer, The Law offices of Dan Newlin & Partners. After one year, in March 2015, Newlin eventually discussed a compensation for $950,000 with Mainstreet America Group, which didn’t admit liability.

Newlin said that he believed it was very wrong that insurance firms go on to deny wounded individuals their fair monetary reimbursements when they obviously know they are responsible plus the injured person has rising medical as well as therapy costs, out-of-pocket expenditures, lost income and the agony and anguish victims endure and might endure for the rest of their lives.

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