Representative Maxine Waters Will Respond To State of the Union Message

Each year after the president gives the State of the Union message, the party that does not hold the presidency is provided time to give a response to the president’s message. This year, the Democratic Party has chosen Joseph Kennedy III from Massachusetts to give the party’s official response to President Donald Trump. Mr. Kennedy is a rising star among Democrats, and some believe that he is a future presidential candidate.

Mr. Kennedy won’t be the only member of Congress responding to the President. BET Network has asked Representative Maxine Waters from California to respond to President Trump. Congresswoman Waters represents California’s 43rd District, and she is the Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee.

Maxine Waters has emerged as one of the most vocal opponents of President Trump during the course of the past year. She is calling for the impeachment of President Trump, and she often leads crowds in chants of “impeach 45” after she has given a speech.

Representative Waters has served in Congress since 1991. She is considered to be one of the most liberal members serving in Congress. Her views are considered to be at the far left of the Democratic Party.

Observers believe that BET chose Waters to speak on their network in order to grab marketshare. Waters is known to make very controversial remarks regarding President Trump. Maxine Waters has a large following on social media including over 670,000 followers on Twitter.

The current president isn’t the the first Republican president that Representative Waters has criticized. She was a fierce opponent of President George W. Bush. She opposed many of his War on Terror proposals, and she opposed United States entry into the Iraq War.

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