Republican Senators Turn Up The Heat On Dr. Ford

Christine Blasey Ford put herself in a position that few people would endure. The mixture of full-court press coverage, a group of Republican Senators who are on a search and destroy mission, and millions of judgmental people questioning her agenda, is hell, according to anyone’s standards. According to The Guardian, what started out as a job interview for one of the most influential jobs in the United States has flipped into a national jury trial. Dr. Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh are both on trial. And it looks like the trial is being orchestrated by the Republican Senators who want Kavanaugh no matter what he did or said in the past. In the minds of those Senators, his 26-year career in government service is his badge of honor. And it trump’s any allegations that bring the real truth to light.

Senator Chuck Grassley is the maestro of the eleven Republican henchmen. The Senators who can taste the appointment of Kavanaugh are a little paranoid. It seems the FBI has uncovered more dirt on Kavanaugh. Grassley let Dr. Ford’s attorney know he wants to review her polygraph results as well as her therapy notes. He also insinuated that her testimony wasn’t completely truthful. Grassley said he got a letter from an old Ford boyfriend, and the letter claims Dr. Ford may know the key to passing polygraphs since she is a psychologist. The boyfriend said Ford helped a friend prepare for a lie-detector test when they were dating in the 1990s.

The FBI is hot on the trail of truth that waits to see the light of day. But that truth is hard to nail down for obvious reasons. The Republican Senate wants Kavanaugh. But the question is, are the Senators willing to go against public opinion and give Kavanaugh the job? The sad part, according to several fake news reports, is Kavanaugh is a biased, angry, entitled Republican judge who would rather put his family through agony than withdraw from this incredibly damaging situation.

The legal aspect of the Kavanaugh debacle will surface as more information comes to the surface. Dr. Ford seems ready to go the distance. And she should. She believes Kavanaugh wanted to ravish her in a drunken high school way. But Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doesn’t care about new information or FBI reports. He wants to vote team Kavanaugh this week.

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