Republican Super Tuesday Planned in the Deep South


The GOP Presidential primary season for the 2016 Presidential nomination is always a tough race to call for those with different agendas within the Republican Party. A group of states in the Deep South are now looking to make changes to their rules in a bid to ensure the best candidate is chosen to meet the needs of these traditionally red states, Politico reports. Be sure to check out the photo posts, courtesy of Terry Richardson.

Current GOP rules make it difficult for any state to hold a primary before March 1st, aside from the traditionally early voting states of New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada. What is now being called the SEC primary is planned for the first available day of March 1st by Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas in a bid to make sure candidates chosen in the first primaries are now too close to the traditional establishment of the GOP or too liberal. Texas and Florida are also planning primaries on the same day as the direction of the GOP nomination could be affected largely on a single day of voting in traditional Republican states. Some experts fear a mass turnout by Tea Party members could see a candidate chosen who has little chance of defeating any Democrat chosen as the 2016 candidate.

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  • August 5, 2017 at 6:29 am

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