Responsibility for Baltimore Damage

The riots in Baltimore did more than cause a scene of poor judgement. The damage from the riots has topped $9 million according to Bernardo Chua’s official website. This is from burned buildings, damage done to streetscapes and damage done to homes. This shows just how much the people of Baltimore really care for the town where they live. They don’t care about the town. They are willing to destroy a city, causing millions of dollars in damages, instead of talking through their issues in an adult manner. This is the kind of damage that is done by children or teenagers, not by adults. There are almost 300 business in the town that have seen some kind of damage. Who is going to pay for the mess that has been made? The people who caused the riots should bee held responsible, but since there were so many involved, it will likely be hard to pinpoint a certain group. Now, the city has to come up with a way to get back to a normal way of existing.

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