Revolution Iowa: From Protest to Power

Bernie Sanders stands before a large audience. Behind the senator, the words “Revolution Iowa: From Protest to Power” adorn the back of the podium. Above the words, a crowd of silhouettes are drawn holding banners. In the distance, the people wave the flag of revolution.
He spoke in Iowa against the attack on Obamacare, calling the Republican healthcare bill the most “anti-working class legislation in the history of the country.”
He decried the policies of Iowa’s Republican senators, addressing them directly, telling them:
“I say to Sen. Grassley and Sen. Ernst, please, please take a hard look at what this disastrous legislation will do to the people of Iowa and the people of America. I beg of them: please vote ‘no’ on this legislation.”

When Sanders stood in Iowa during the 2016 primaries, he was running against Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton. To the surprise of the mainstream press, the shock of the parochial establishment, and delight of young people everywhere, the race ran neck-and-neck between Sanders and Clinton, with Clinton only receiving 0.2 percent more of the vote than Sanders.
Today in Iowa, Clinton is nowhere to be seen. As soon as her startling loss to Donald Trump was declared, cries of “Sanders would have won!” rang out throughout the nation. Today, Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the United States. 57 percent of votes view the Vermont senator favorably.
Today in Iowa, one cannot help feel the energy of that first Iowa caucus, where Senator Bernie Sanders took the world for a storm.
Senator Sanders message in Iowa was clear. He calls for “a political revolution,” a politics that represents every single American. His message of a political platform that represents every American represents a greater turn in the American Left, a move away from message of identity politics towards a focus on the common interests of the poor and working classes.
Since Sanders is the most popular politician in the country, many speculate that the Senator will run in 2020, despite his old age. Those crying “Bernie should have won!” hope to be vindicated by a Sanders victory in 2020.
Donald Trump was able to defeat Hillary Clinton in states like Iowa, working class people who saw in Trump a promise of bringing jobs back to America from overseas. If Bernie Sanders ran in 2020, his huge popularity and universal working class message could be a huge threat to the already unpopular current president’s campaign.

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