Ricardo Guimarães BMG Bank President

Flavio Guimaraes has been a major key role in the entrepreneurship of the country of Brazil and has his hands invested in numerous sectors such as the ones in agriculture, cannery plantation as well as coffee plantations. Ricardo was born in one of the richest and powerful families in the country of Brazil called the Guimaraes family. Rocardo is now best known because he has taken over the leadership in the famous bank that belongs to the family of the Guimaraes as its president. This is because Ricardo has talent and a kind of innovation together with hard work ever since he has taken the leadership of the bank and now portrays some great responsibilities in the management of the bank and has turned it into one of the biggest payroll loan leaders in the country in finance. The connections of the Ricardo guimaraes family with the date in the sector of finance back into the last one hundred years when his grandfather decided to found the bank of the people called the Land bank. He was the then grandson of the late Mr. Antonio Guimaraes and was one of the fourth members who paid the tribute that their forefathers paid in terms of continuity of their financial business into the many generations after.

It was the strategy of Mr Ricardo Guimaraes that this famous bank in Brazil has been able to track loans to participants as well as payroll loans. The bank is operating through an efficient and lean team with numerous consultants that are all over the country of brazil and the bank is greatly focused in supplying the people with the cheapest and easy to get and pay loans in the country with very low rates in interest and attract as many participants as possible and those especially that are employed and have a fixed income. This is the greatest role that Ricardo has been able to make for the continuity of the bank and now the banks stands at a better position in the financial sector today thriving in the glory that their forefathers set for him.

One of the big roles that he has been able to play in the financial market and in the ban is that he has provided scholarships to numerous football teams in the entire nation that places him to be a man of the people. Today as we are speaking, the BMG bank is the largest sponsor of all football teams in the country. He has also offered in advertising the football clubs in the area in a very great way. He has ale shared the alivnegro vines and has been able to become in charge of the club.

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