Rocketship Education Meets the Needs of Diverse Students

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public charter schools located in low-income neighborhoods. Parents have the choice of sending their children to the public schools or to the local Rocketship school.

If you ask the question about whether or not it is productive to have students of the same age all sit in a room 5 hours a day and listen to teaching with little to no interaction, the answer is predictable. On the other hand, at a Rocketship school there is some traditional instruction, but it is backed up with individualized digital learning along with one-on-one tutorial sessions.

Students, called “Rocketeers” are able to learn at their own pace. In traditional classroom settings there are always some students who are way ahead, many who are behind and the majority who are somewhere in the middle.

All students learn at different levels and Rocketship addresses the issue by allowing students to learn at their own pace. The digital learning is something that they are already used to because they are probably familiar with smartphones, tablets and other electronic instruments. Digital learning is ideal for memorization exercises such as in math, science, languages and other similar subjects.

The tutoring sessions enable the Rocketeers to spend time and air their successes and frustrations without the typical peer pressure that occurs in a crowded traditional classroom. The tutor can expertly guide the student along in areas that will produce the best results.

Parents are encouraged to become leaders in the program as well, as they can help their child with homework in a structured manner. They can also volunteer to help in the classroom, around the school and in other similar areas. The more the parents become involved the better understanding they have as far as their child’s learning experience.

The results speak for themselves as test scores have shown that Rocketship Education graduates are an average of one full year ahead of their traditional school peers in all the standard test scores. When students complete a year of school with Rocketship, over 90 percent elect to return to Rocketship for the following year, even though they can return to a public school at any time.

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