Roy Cooper Restructuring the Democratic Party

Some Democrats feel that it’s time to change and go on the offense. They feel that they have been on the defense for a long period. One such person is Roy Cooper from North Carolina. The Governor of North Carolina who is also a Democrat said that he would launch a multimillion project that is aimed at knocking down the Republicans. He says that this project is supposed to kick off during the 2018 mid-terms. The project aims at reversing the losing streak that has characterized the Democratic Party for the last one decade. North Carolina is a state that every point matters. For instance, gender is important, so is public education as well as voter ID and redistricting.

In this state, the Democrats match the Republicans. The difference comes in the number of unaffiliated voters who can sway the election in any direction. If people can remember, this is the state where Hillary Clinton recorded her major win during the primaries. At the moment, Cooper has quietly managed to raise over $1 million for his initiative that is called Break the Majority. He does not stop here as he says that he is in the process of raising more money. He says that he will achieve this feat by recruiting potential candidates. He will then focus on funding their campaigns to ensure that they emerge top. At the moment, the money is being deposited in the Democratic account.

Some of these funds will be used to cover the salaries of a new committee that will plan for the success. The committee will consist of a research director, dedicated communications director, junior staffs and field organizers. The governor notes that there is nothing major that can pass until he gets the required majority in parliament. Neither can bills on education pass nor bills in economic development.

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