Rubio and Paul Spar Over Cuba

In what may turn out to be a dress rehearsal for the 2016 GOP presidential primary debates, Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul are clashing of Barak Obama’s new Cuban policy.

Paul went on Twitter and Facebook and claimed that Rubio was acting the part of an “isolationist” for opposing normalization of relations with Cuba. Interestingly, “isolationist” is a name often flung at Paul himself by his anti-libertarian critics. Now Paul has opted to hurl the insult at someone else for a change.

Rubio went on Mark Levin’s highly conservative talk radio show and said that it was unfortunate Paul was adopting Obama’s foreign policy on the matter. He went on to mention his personal acquaintance with the atrocities of the Castro brothers’ regime. Finally, he noted that the policy which Rand Paul supports would not promote freedom in Cuba but would strengthen the hands of the dictators. Earlier, on Fox News, Rubio said that Paul had no clue what he was talking about in regard to Cuba.

It is starting to shape up that the Republican Party has three main wings: conservative, libertarian, and moderate. Paul clearly identifies with the libertarian section, Rubio with the conservative, and Jeb Bush with the moderate. That’s how Jared Haftel would break it down. It would not be surprising if the three above-mentioned persons became the three main contenders for the Republican nomination in 2016, each taking the votes of his respective section.

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