Ryan Seacrest’s Recent Career

This year Halloween was kicked off by Ryan Seacrest’s multiple costumes that turned back time to pay homage to a few truly honorable series. It was an experience Seacrest would never forget, as he still had makeup remover in his eyes. The costumes referenced shows from “All My Children” to “Charlie’s Angels”. Ryan Seacrest’s talent to hold a crowd’s attention was obvious during this interview, as many people were eager to hear about what his next project would be. Thus far he has hosted the hit reality tv series “American Idol”. His fame arose during a host of the show which he started as a co-host for. Years later, he became the sole host of the show and was arguably the face of the television series. When someone thought of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest was one of the first faces to appear. Another project Ryan Seacrest has pushed himself into would be the fashion industry. “Ryan Seacrest Distinction/ Polish” is a clothing line of high-end clothing, namely suits, that are sold throughout Macy’s department stores.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is involved in is his talk show, “On air with Ryan Seacrest”. In this recurring radio podcast/ television segment, Ryan Seacrest talks about many different topics relevant to pop culture, from celebrity drama to new music and television series. In addition to addressing different occurrences that relate to pop culture, Ryan Seacrest also invites many different artists and celebrities to the studio to discuss their upcoming television series or the release of new music. This hit series has been ongoing nationwide in the United States for the past ten years and only increases in popularity. This radio segment airs early morning weekdays and is also available for streaming on Iheart Radio. In addition to the three aforementioned accomplishments, Ryan Seacrest also co-hosts a television talk show titled “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. Though he succeeded Michael Strahan’s co-host position, he performs his inherited role exceptionally and is beloved by his and co-stars invited to the set. His most admirable accomplishment by far, however, would be his “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”. Founded by Ryan Seacrest himself, it is a nonprofit organization that strives to galvanize the youth to have hope through different avenues, mainly through the entertainment industry.

Ryan Seacrest serves as chairman for this organization and is very hands-on in many different endeavors the organization takes. He has appeared at children’s hospitals in person to speak with the children that his organization would effect, while also hosting many fundraisers the organization was involved in. The first major undertaking of this group was to introduce more media into the children’s hospitals to encourage the children to heal faster and bring comfort to the families of those that visited these health centers. While helping children is a priority, the organization also pays thanks to its founding and current supporters on their website, which only motivates more support. To date, this organization has lifted the spirits of so many different children around the country. With so many different undertakings occurring at once, it is no wonder Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) ended his time with the interviewer so soon. The world sits with eager eyes and ears to see what Ryan Seacrest will do next. According to the NY Times, Ryan has his workout routine which you can learn here.

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