SahmAdrangi Is A Risk Taker & Hedge Fund Analyst

The Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, SahmAdrangi has schooled at Yale University and graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Sahm is involved in all aspects of Kerrisdale since founding it the year 2009. SahmAdrangi  is investigative. He shares views on short-selling stocks and publishes research work on the companies. Adrangi provides opinion on under-followed longs and overhyped shorts that often misunderstood in the market. Kerrisdale Capital Management delivers research to correct misconceptions about companies’ business prospects and shares on the website, interested investors, and on Twitter.

Adrangi grew Kerrisdale Capital from $1 million startup hedge fund to over $ 150 million company as at July 2017. Sahm started his career hedge fund investment and analysis when he exposed fraudulent Chinese firms in 2010. He focused on Chinese companies listed on North American bourses without appropriate vetting. He figured that most of those Chinese companies were scams and could make money from them if exposed.

Adrangi investigated on Chinese Education Alliance(CEU) business, an online education business with headquarters in Harbin, China. The China Education Alliance was one of many Chinese companies listed in US and Canada through the back-door listing. The company reported high revenues of $22 million from the business of providing education tutorials to Chinese students. He placed an online advertisement requesting services of people in Harbin to visit the site and make inquiries. Adrangi found out that buildings in CEU were empty after receiving graphics and photos from Harbin which meant CEU revenues were a mere accounting fiction. After these findings, Kerrisdale put a bet that CEU would collapse. The CEU share plunged. The analysis CEU set the pace for other investigations for Kerrisdale in Chinese reverse mergers.

Adrangi’sKerrisdale Capital Management in April 2016, raised approximately $100 million from various investors to bet against a single stock. Hedge fund managers raise finance focusing on a particular investment thesis including recovery of distressed energy companies or mortgage-backed securities. Kerrisdale planned to use the money raised to short the stock of a public company unveiled in Mid-May 2016. Adrangi and Wilson, the Kerrisdale analyst, worked up on the report, video, and website to convince other investors on the thesis.


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