San Juan Mayor to Attend the State of the Union Address

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz will be attending President Trump’s State of the Union Address as the guest of New York Democratic Senator Kristen Gillibrand. Cruz has been very outspoken about how the Trump Administration has handled the recovery efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the island.

Puerto Rico is still struggling after Hurricane Maria. Almost half a million people are still without power CNN reported last week. In addition to the power not being restored, there are many residents who are still living in tempory shelters and hotels.

Senator Gillibrand is trying to agitate the President with her choice of Cruz as her guest. Major Cruz and President Trump have had a public feud about the government’s response and aid that has been given to Puerto Rico. Cruz said recently that the Government has been handling everything wrong from the beginning and calling the President vain in respect to her criticism. It wasn’t about the President himself, but how to save lives. FEMA has an online portal for Puerto Rican citizens. They have to register and request support. But, a large number of citizens don’t have power or internet access.

Senator Gillibrand tweeted “… Mayor Cruz has shown extraordinary leadership and fearless advocacy for her city”. Major Cruz is part of the Democratic Party and served in the House of Representatives from 2009 to 2013 before she became Major.

Senator Gillibrand and Major Cruz have both been in the public eye for arguing with the President. Gillibrand has requested the President resign because of sexual misconduct allegations, been very outspoken about women’s health and reproductive rights, DACA and Dreamers and the Puerto Rico recovery.

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