Sanders Prepares to Respond to the State of the Union Address

Bernie Sanders, the independent lawmaker from Vermont who made headlines with his provocative presidential campaign in 2016, is preparing to offer his own response to President Donald Trump’s 2018 State of the Union address. For liberal Democrats, Sanders’ words could energize a party that is desperately looking to win the midterm U.S. elections. They could alternately have a polarizing effect on a political party that is somewhat divided.

Even though he is a registered independent, Sanders most often sides with Democrats in the Senate. One of his strong points is using social media to advance his progressive liberal platform. Sanders also delivered a personal response last year when President Trump addressed lawmakers in February.

While Sanders will certainly contribute to the current political conversation, one has to wonder how his message will play with the Democratic base. Rep. Joseph Kennedy (D-Mass) has been given the honor of making the official Democratic response. Kennedy is one of the most respected Democrats in Washington. Some voters may see Sanders’ State of the Union response to be reflective of a Democratic party which is not unified.

Sanders and his liberal colleagues ultimately have the same goal, which is taking back majority control of the Senate. Many feel that Bernie Sanders has a solid platform, but there are others who still feel the sting of Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016. A lot of those people blame Sanders to a certain extent.

During his response, Sanders will likely serve up a laundry list of Trump’s failures. He will cite Trump’s struggles to repeal and replace Obamacare, the failure to construct a border wall, and the ill-fated Muslim ban as evidence that the current administration has not delivered on Trump’s campaign promises.

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