Satisfy Your Need For Color With Exclusive Lime Crime Hair Dye Products

Get elusive hair colors that are trendy and very popular among color enthusiasts around the world. Lime Crime is an exclusive cosmetic line with the first of its kind super-foil base. Get amazing colors that don’t contain harsh bleach or ammonia. Your hair gets the same LEAP Bunny approved hypoallergenic products that are backed by the LC name. Their hair care products are safe for all hair types. Bring out the unicorn in you with intricate colors that go great with any mood on a permanent or temporary basis. Their unique collection of hair dyes will offer a semi, permanent and tint formulas.


Get a full coverage dye or two touch-ups with their precisely measured 700 ml jars. You will be glad to know that their products are reasonably priced and provide the proper amount of protection as well as color. Choose from hard to find colors like Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Their colors offer the same solution as their intricate line of cosmetics. You’re invited to visit the Lime Crime YouTube channel for more ways to blend and wear LC hair dyes and cosmetics. Their creator and CEO, has always had a way with bold colors and decided to bring it to the forefront with hair dye options from the newly arrived Unicorn hair dye collection.


Best of all, their products are affordable as well as, effective for all your beauty care needs. Get exclusive colors that are only offered to LC customers through their detailed website. Don’t miss out on your part of the color revolution that thousands of women around the world are taking part in. You have the option of choosing bold new colors and setting your own color trend. LC are also known for being waterproof and holding up well under the camera lights, whether you choose their cosmetics or hair dyes.


Learn more about saying goodbye to dull neutral colors by being a part of Lime Crime products today. They welcome their customers with hundreds of colors to choose from.


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