Sean Penn: Bob Honey, His New Book

Sean Penn has become an incredibly well-known actor over the last several years. He has one of several best actor Academy Awards and has also been a prominent writer, producer, and director. However, despite the success that he has experienced in a number of avenues he still does not seem to be content with the level of success that he has experienced. He has started to become a more and more prolific writer. In fact, he has published a number of opinion pieces and has even worked as a correspondent for war news. He has had interviews with Hugo Chavez as well as Raul Castro.

Most recently, however, he has become a first-time novelist after the publication of his first full-length novel. This book is Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. This is a book that is about a salesman who is also a contract killer for the US government. The book itself has been compared to a number of great satires in the past. It has been described as a riddle wrapped in an enigma and cloaked and crazy. It has already been both praised and lauded by critics. Sean Penn believes that he has been ridiculed for writing a particular poem in the book itself.


Many people are wondering whether the fuse points that are expressed in the book itself are the viewpoints of the character in the book Bob Honey or if they are the viewpoints of Sean Penn himself. In an effort to uncover the answers to these questions have been several interviews where people have been asking Sean Penn whether or not these things matter to him.


Sean Penn believes that there is a different sense of satisfaction that comes with finishing a film project compared to finishing a book. In the case of a film project, you have just finished from something that involves the collaboration of a number of other individuals. A book is something that is 100% all you. Whether the book itself is incredibly good or is bad, there is no one else to blame but yourself.


Sean Penn believes that’s the reason why he wrote this book as a book and not a screenplay is that he wanted to be able to show that it was entirely coming from him. He did not want to have to share his creative vision with other individuals. He had a lot of content in his head that he needed to get out on paper and he was not able to do this in an effective manner whenever he was collaborating with other individuals. He hopes that individuals who read the book that he has written will be able to discern the truth that he has provided on the pages in a manner that is effective for them.


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