Securus Technologies takes home Stevie Award for operational excellence

The 2017 Stevie Awards have been announced, and Securus Technologies has been named as a finalist. This remarkable achievement signals a turnaround for a company which, a decade ago, was embroiled in a firestorm of public controversy but which has since soared to the heights of the prison communications industry.


Securus has been widely recognized as a leading innovator in the space of inmate communications. But it is less known as a provider of investigatory and management solutions that help America’s prisons to run more efficiently and safer than ever before.



Keeping prisons safe, one inmate at a time



Those who have never worked in a typical U.S. state prison have little idea of the severity of threats that guards are presented with daily. Something as innocent as a note or an unauthorized cell phone can quickly spiral into a lethal encounter. For this reason, American prisons are among the most controlled environments on earth.


Guards always need to juggle prisoners’ rights with the imperatives of institutional safety. Luckily, Securus has made these formidable tasks much easier with its suite of investigatory and prison management tools. Deploying state-of-the-art technology powered by Securus, today’s prison guards can quickly root out criminal conspiracies before they have a chance to bloom. With its STINGRAY technology, Securus gives prison staff the means to detect illicit cellular phones and intercept all mobile communication on its premises. On top of that, its JLG Investigator Pro can monitor thousands of conversations at once, sending alerts to prison staff when unauthorized parties attempt to communicate over prison systems or when code words or illegal activities are mentioned.


It is through this marriage of 21st century technology with a deep understanding of the unique needs of prison administrators that Securus has been able to bring to market the most effective and cost-efficient safety solutions ever seen in the prison industry.



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