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New Securus Technology


While many inmate telecommunications providers commit to a secure network and crime prevention, but lack the technology. Unfortunately, inmates, their families, and the correctional can be best served by additional technology to prevent and solve these type of systematic telephone crimes. However, Securus has added additional wireless containment to their network designed to prevent all facility related crimes. They have also been able to depend on their customers through a customer comment forum listed on their website. Business Wire News online says, their effort represents one of the first technology solutions of its kind and is expected to be successful.


How The New Technology Works


The new Securus Technology wireless containment technology is designed to stop the use of illegal cellphone use in a correctional facility by deactivating illegal cellphone reception in a correctional facility. The new technology is anticipated to be available very soon to many states that are already using Securus. Securus CEO, Rick A. Smith says, their goal is to stay committed to their customers and add additional monitoring and support to the facility to protect the inmates and law enforcement professionals. They have an opportunity to focus on the things most important in the daily operations of a correctional facility.


Secure your inmate calling with superior technology with proven results. The facilities that use Securus technology have seen a reduction in crime associated with 64.3% of their partners with their current crime prevention measures. Their customers also have been proud to be a part of their crime prevention programs. You can remain confidential at all times by using their anonymous call features. Customers can also speak with one of their friendly and responsive, 24 hour IT professionals for more details on your new or current account features at any time.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is proudly based in Dallas, Texas and has been established for 50+ years. They have been able to use their surveillance and monitoring to regulate other big name providers like Global Tel-Link. Their yearly audit ensured their customers were getting the calling features and calling time under their service agreement. Today, they stand as a independent communications provider that now offers calling features with affordable rates over a quality network. Their descriptive website lists their most popular features like remote visitation, inmate voicemail features, and online photos to name a few.


They have been a large part of the main system associated with the inmate calling network for over the past 10 years. If you’re not happy with your current provider or fed up with their huge rates the, Securus Technologies network is there with a safe affordable provider for your inmate calling needs.

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