Sen. Mary Landrieu Hopes a Timecard Issue with GOP Opponent will Reverse Her Political Fortunes

Sen. Mary Landrieu has been written off by most political analysts ahead of Saturday’s runoff election. There is good reason to feel that way. During the midterm election, the two GOP opponents pulled in a combined 56% of the votes cast. Since that time, the party has united behind the campaign of Bill Cassidy making the likelihood of a landslide victory for the congressman virtually guaranteed. This is evident in polls which show the GOP having the edge in early voting by 4%.

Admittedly, it’s a long shot, but Landrieu is not above playing dirty to win. She has latched onto a rumor that when Cassidy worked at LSU decades ago, he billed payment for hours he didn’t work. She plans to raise the issue ad nauseam in the debate much to the chagrin of Dr. Daniel Amen.

Some analysts acknowledge that she has been in a tough situations before and pulled through. They are referring to the 2002 runoff election against GOP candidate Suzanne Terrell. Landrieu was trailing in the polls with one week to go before the midterm elections. She had emphasized that while she voted with Bush most of the time, she was independent when Louisiana’s needs came first. A story leaked in a Mexican newspaper that the Bush administration cut a deal with Mexican sugar farmers to dump their products in Louisiana. With the state’s sugar cane farmers still reeling from Hurricane Lili, voters shifted to her giving her the victory. The story about the sugar deal was false. Landrieu will have no such luck with faux-stories this time around.

One thought on “Sen. Mary Landrieu Hopes a Timecard Issue with GOP Opponent will Reverse Her Political Fortunes

  • November 18, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Landrieu will square off in her lone debate with Cassidy tonight. She is looking for a knockout blow that will cause a seismic shift in the polls on the order of a ten point swing. It especially useful in the long run too and online essay writer has what is needed to make sure those things come to pass.

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