Senate Narrowly Passes Order to Restore Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is favored by most Americans. Almost ninety percent support it. Net Neutrality keeps internet providers from controlling what web content citizens see and how fast they see it. It stops corporations from swaying the ideas of the American public by controlling ISPs. Consequently, Net Neutrality keeps Freedom of Speech in check. It also prohibits internet providers from charging more to deliver prioritized content quicker.

In 2015, the Open Internet Order was passed after loud outcries from the American public. It was an amazing feat for everyday citizens against corporate power. The Open Internet Order prevented ISPs from controlling the content citizens can see, prices Americans pay for such content, and controlling speeds of priority websites. Sadly, the Open Internet Order was repealed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Ironically, this move by Ajit Pai was called the Restoring Internet Freedom Order. Americans were left to question whether they would have an open and free internet.

This question remains. However, Americans received a partial answer today. The Senate just passed the Congressional Review Act with a narrow margin of only six votes. The majority of yes votes came from Democrats and Liberals, but three Republicans and two Independents voted yes as well. The act will now travel to the House of Representatives. There it will need 218 yes votes to pass. If passed, this law will restore the original 2015 Open Internet Order and keep the internet an open space for the American public.

The decision is now left to the House of Representatives. With a shocking majority of Americans supporting the measure, citizens are hoping their Representatives will represent them accurately. However, Republicans in the House of Representatives almost unilaterally despise the measure. The current Net Neutrality protections expire in June. The House may put off the vote or they may vote unfavorably. Whether the House will act in the interests of the American people is yet to be seen.

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