Senator McCaskill and End Citizens United Come Together in Missouri

For the past ten years or so the rights of American voters all across the country have been under fire. Of course, these voting rights have been inhibited underneath the surface by politicians who are eager to allow more corporate donors special interests into Washington, D.C. One of the most defining moments in politics in the last ten years isn’t the election of Donald Trump, though that deserves a library of books on the subject, but the Supreme Court case relating to Citizens United. Citizens United was the driving force behind allowing more dark money into the political world. Through this Citizens United decision donors have been given almost unlimited pull in government in order to pay off legislators with ‘donations’. There is one group, thankfully, fighting back and their name is End Citizens United.

The goal of End Citizens United has always been focused on introducing a constitutional amendment in order to repeal the Supreme Court decision that was made back in 2010 regarding Citizens United. However, the genie rarely goes back in the bottle and as a result, it has been terribly difficult for the political action committee to gain ground. Thankfully the election of Donald Trump, in what is one of the most disastrous elections in recent global history, spurred people to action. Over the first couple of months of Donald Trump’s presidency, the End Citizens United political action committee has seen tremendous amounts of activity. ECU hopes to raise nearly $35 million ahead of 2018’s congressional election races in order to try and support the right legislators who will champion campaign finance reform.

Recently End Citizens United has been in the news thanks to their public endorsements of several high-level legislators. End Citizens United was quick to endorse Senator Elizabeth Warren but now they also made news for endorsing Senator Claire McCaskill in her re-election bid in Missouri. McCaskill and End Citizens United have always circled around the same core issues which makes this a perfect match for the two parties. McCaskill has been a campaign finance reform champion her entire career and ECU can offer her grassroots support throughout Missouri in order to get the word out and get the vote in.

Senator McCaskill said of her partnership with End Citizens United, “The Citizens United Supreme Court decision has had a corrupting influence on American democracy in ways that we have never seen before.” McCaskill has never held back in condemning dark money and special interests in politics and she didn’t slow down here. McCaskill went on to gladly say, “I am proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United and will continue to fight hard to return transparency and accountability to our elections.”

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