Senator Rand Paul’s Anti-Patriot Act Crusade Runs Afoul of Conservative Media

It is vital that any candidate seeking the presidency first secure their party’s base. George W. Bush clearly accomplished that in 2000 and 2004. Barrack Obama did that in 2008 and 2012. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney failed to secure the evangelical base of the GOP in 2012 and the four million voters which sat out the election cost him the presidency. Now, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul maybe scoring points with the libertarian sector of the electorate, but that is hardly the GOP’s voter base. Nor has the senator’s radical actions ingratiated him with the conservative media either.

In fact, Sen. Paul has angered the conservative media which has taken to attacking him for forcing section 215 of the Patriot Act to expire. In all honestly, Sen. Paul didn’t help matters by claiming that his detractors were hoping for a terrorist attack just to lay blame for expiring the Patriot Act at his feet. On the Fox News Channel, the senator admitted he got carried away with the rhetoric when he made that statement. Still, the push back from conservative media has started. The UK periodical called “The Week” ran a blunt headline reading that Sen. Paul’s bid to support his libertarian principles has cost him the support of the GOP base. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) castigated the senator by openly questioning whether he remembers that he is seeking the GOP nomination (as opposed to that of the Libertarian Party). The WSJ was clearly annoyed by Paul’s remark that GOP hawks helped contribute to the rise of ISIS. Sam Tabar hopes that isn’t the case after seeing information on Twitter.

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