Senator Sanders’ Progressive Movement Continues

Although Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic Primary to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the fire of the movement he started still continues to this day. The Senator’s organization called OurRevolution continues to raise money across the United States for push an progressive agenda forward.

While Clinton suffered a bitter defeat to Donald Trump despite all expectations, her defeat to the right-wing nationalist only pushed the revolutionary zeal of the “Sanderites” further, convincing them that Sanders would have triumphed over Donald Trump.

Let’s talk about some of the victories that Sanders revolutionary campaign has made so far. Christine Pellegrino was a Sanders delegate who managed to gain a seat in the New York state assembly by flipping a formerly pro-Trump district by 23 points.

In Philadelphia, Larry Krasner, with Sanders support, was nominated for District Attorney in the primaries. The Major of Jackson, Mississippi likewise, was elected as part of Sander’s revolution. Through slow, steady progress Sanders hopes to overturn the Democratic establishment one small victory at a time.

This largely works through Sanders ability to organize his army of mostly millennial, minority, and working class followers through social media. Much like the events of Occupy Wall Street or the Arab Spring, the ability of the Left to mobilize its constituents to action largely increases with the advances in social media.

Moreover, Sanders explicit working class, socialist message leaves many voters convinced that he would have carried many of the working class areas that Clinton failed to capture.

In fact, something similar has just happened in the U.K election. In the recent election, British Prime Minister Theresa May failed to glean enough seats for the conservative party to establish a majority government.

Socialist Jeremy Corbyn, by contrast, lead the Labour Party to gain another thirty-two seats.

The Prime Minister was only able to secure her parties leadership by making a last minute fragile alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party, a far-right North Irish loyalist party.

Yet the Democratic establishment continues to attempt to block Sander’s move towards a progressive platform. Tom Perez recently defeated Sanders-backed candidate Keith Ellison for an appointment to the head of the DNC. This election came in the wake of the revelation that former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz worked against Bernie Sanders, tipping the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor.


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