Sentient AI – Growth and Advancement of Education

The future of AI is not in a galaxy far, far away. It is in the now. You can see it everywhere, but mostly in the advancement of education today. In fact, the human plus machine equation in the education sector has been around in different modules today, as reported by Garry Kasparov in a famous TED Talk.

With the advancement of technology in how schools transmit formal education in classes, it’s not hard to see how AI technology will transform the way we see education. Children are now becoming more familiar with tablet technology and are experiencing its AI benefits from the national curricula that incorporate these gadgets.

Students these days even use adaptive learning modules such as the ones found at Coursera and Khan Academy to get the most updated technology today.

The Virtual Reality Education

Growth and advancement of education have now even become more apparent with the rise of virtual reality as a tool for education. Children are getting enough traction with their studies because of the help of this virtual AI.

Some of the more promising AI tools that help students increase their knowledge include Microsoft’s HoloLens, Google Expedition, and Oculus Rift.
With these technologies, students can now get a real-world experience of historical events and other discussions that were previously invisible.

The AI technology in the education today provides a fantastic way for people to get engaging content and make learning more than just memorizing a subject. The engagement that the new technology in AI provides makes learning more fun and allows for more exploration opportunities for the curious students.

The Teacher Benefits from AI

Students are not the only people transformed by the AI changes in the education landscape. Teachers now use intelligent tutoring programs that allow teachers to break down information into multiple forms so that students with different learning strategies won’t be left behind.

Some programs that enable teachers to do this are the Carnegie Learning module and the Third Space Learning program, which are programs that also allow for one-on-one mentoring for students who need a more personalized approach to learning.

With AI tools like these, it’s easier now for teachers to analyze students’ performance and understand their strengths and weaknesses with even more precision. The feedback system in the teaching programs also makes sure that the students can help their teachers understand their gaps in learning and assist them to learn the ways that the teachers can supplement them.

Indeed, AI has been showing impressive proof that the growth and advancement of education will benefit in many ways from how schools implement it today. AI is proving itself that it is not only the future, but it is the present innovation that both teachers and students can benefit.

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